review - Critic, travel log, pg 42. March, 2002



I have just been to the opening of the new exhibition at the Blue Oyster Gallery and I am so impressed and just love the paintings that are on show. I have a real 'thing' for paintings, any kind of paintings. I find it difficult not to find something I like, but with
these works I was blown away.

I had seen the work of Adam Douglass (the artist) before, at the end of year exhibition of the fine art degree students at the polytechnic and really liked his work there, but I had forgotten his name so was rapt to walk into this opening and see his work again.

The paintings are clouds of colour that seem to move and mix on the canvas. In a number of the paintings there are figures that are like hints of memory or dreams. There is often a dog or a wolf shape emerging from the surface of the colours. The show is entitled Travel Log and combined with the shapes of figures and wolves floating in the colour, it makes me think of mystical journeys, non-physical journeys.

The works are incredibly subtle, the colour change and the figures are difficult to see and focus on. This aspect makes the paintings very intimate, you have to get close and search the surface of the canvas.

I wanted to buy at least three of the works but having no money is a huge problem. I really think that Douglass is an incredible artist and I definitely won't be forgetting his name any time soon.

The exhibition is on at the Blue Oyster Gallery (137 High St), until 16 March.


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