Geonaut explores the intersection of architecture, painting and people. It's a collaborative painting that projects an aspect of social consciousness, creating an immersive psychedelic experience. Over 200 Melbourne artists from Melbourne's west contributed in the creation of this project.

The famous psychedelic advocate Terrence Mckenna explains psychedelic experience as “bring(ing) people to the potential and accessibility of a huge, unsuspecting dimension of authentic experience that is of ourselves.” I am considering this quote in the context of collaborative painting. Similar to the psychonaut who journeys through the universe of the mind, painting collaboratively allows us to explore the unconscious self and the potential of the creative collective.

Designed and directed by Adam Douglass.Geonaut was produced by Barkly Arts Centre (now Cohealth Arts Generator)

Presented in the Footscray Mall as part of the Big West Festival.

28 November - 1 December 2013
8am - 8pm daily
Nicholson St, Footscray, Victoria, Australia

Collaborating organisations include: Western Region Health Centre, Yarra Community Housing, Lentil as Anything, AMES, Mind Australia, Dame Phyllis Frost Corrections Centre, New Hope











Developments of the dome, it fits in Factory 7 by 3 cm's!!


Adam painting silhouettes.



Artist facilitator - Anna Topalidou in the dome.



Below - Workshops















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